Books I’ve been reading …

book - Books I've been reading ...
There have been a few of them lately and I will put them all up soon.

The one that made the biggest impact on me so far has been ‘A Piece of Cake’ by
Cupcake Brown.

Her amazing story is a must read for everyone. Think you can’t be who or what you want to be? Read this book, nothing is impossible.

The ABC’s of Life (from a entry on Cup’s blog)

Accept differences. Be kind. Count your blessings. Dream. Express thanks. Forgive. Give Freely. Harm no one. Imagine more. Jettison anger. Keep confidences. Love truly. Master something. Nurture hope. Open your mind. Pack lightly. Quell rumors. Reciprocate. Seek wisdom. Touch hearts. Understand. Value truth. Win graciously. Xeriscape. Yearn for peace. Zealously support a worthy cause.