Back to the basics – Take Two (I think)

I am sure I have written about “The Basics” before, however, Ben Ridler at the Results Group pointed them out to me in language I could understand last week.

There are three parts to building a business: generating leads, converting leads and providing a product or service. We generally focus on the last one, providing a service. We work on it, add value etc and then sometimes sit there waiting for the phone to ring.

Having been in a lucky position of having people ring me for the last few years I had been working diligently away on my service when, BAM!, I lost a big client. They had pulled out of New Zealand and about 90 people lost their jobs. It really affected my turnover and brought “recession reality” crashing down on me.

What Ben pointed out to me was I had forgotten to focus on the first two things: generating leads and converting them, the BASIC’S. We are now busy doing that and life is so much more exciting and I have a lot more energy.

So you’ve read to here and you’re thinking, what now Glenn? It’s simple, get on the phone and start generating leads. You know where you will get them from, your friends, your colleagues, the interweb, existing clients. Start now and don’t email, call. Even the conversations give you a boost and you never know you might be able to help someone and so get a new client.