Are your goals unrealistic?

Chatting about goals recently I had an ‘a ha’ moment that goals need to be achievable or they are just dreams.

However, I do think you need to set goals that extend yourself. That might include two more sales calls a day, extra study, more time in the gym or 10 minutes a day reading about something you are passionate about.

As a species it seems we humans are generally quite content to be, well, content. So those that push themselves do very well.

Then what seems to happen is others get jealous, tall poppy syndrome, and like the crab in the bucket story try to pull you back down.

But what are we really jealous about? I don’t think we are jealous at all but pissed off with ourselves because we didn’t put the extra time in and didn’t extend ourselves.

Going the extra mile makes you feel good and being successful makes you feel happy.

This week take a few moments to set some achievable goals that stretch you and you will be surprised at how good you feel.