Are you using it?

What is it?

It, as described by Seth Godin in a recent blog post is; the luck you’ve been handed, the place you were born, the education you were given, the job you’ve got, your tribe, your customer base and your brand.

All of that added up gives you opportunities your parents dreamed of and your grandparents couldn’t have conceived would be possible.

So friend, are you using it?

Are you using the luck, the place you were born, the education you’ve got and everything else you have to grow both yourself and your country (that’s a stretch I know).

Over the weekend I realised I am not using everything I have and I plan to from now on. I feel positive this is the way to stay ahead of the negativity around the recession and forge ahead. Because when the world realises it’s been given a fantastic chance to change I plan to be ready and I trust you will be too.

Have a terrific week.