Are you serious??

Recently I have been doing some research into what I do most days of the week – email marketing – and I discovered something quite amazing.

I discovered I wasn’t being that serious about email marketing.

Email marketing is something I thought I took very seriously and I am very enthusiastic about. However, during my research I discovered a whole new level of email marketing I didn’t know I didn’t know about.

This was HUGE to me and I realised I could get more serious about what I do, and I thought, I wonder if other people know there could be a whole new level to what they do that might make it even more exciting. That could turn something that has become so so into something you can’t stop talking about.

This week Google what you do, sign up for some newsletters and start researching your industry. The “recession” is bringing out the creativity in the world. Join in, get serious, get creative and you will enjoy what you do and be more successful.