Another weekend of giving.

Last Monday I wrote about the the Finn family and their project to raise money for Oxfam and then this weekend we had Telethon. Didn’t that bring back memories. Bet you still knew the words to the song.

Telethon raised almost $2million for Kids Can. A great organisation I’m sure that helps kids have something we all take for granted, breakfast.

Watching it from time to time didn’t give the me the feeling it used to though. It felt contrived and I missed Grand Designs.

Did you give money on the weekend or did you feel that the responsibility of raising kids has yet again been taken away by someone more passionate about raising kids than the actual parents.

I feel sure we can do more for these kids by looking over our neighbours fence from time to time, having a chat and offering help. Giving your time, love and passion is like teaching someone to fish. They will be able to eat forever not just buy fish and chips.