6 Tips to Increase Your Email Newsletter Subscription | XDXY eMarketing Tips

Everyone knows that Email Marketing means to them. Yes, Email Marketing & Newsletter are the best efficient way to do online marketing, And I know most of you have already boost your own Email marketing and regularly delivered e-Newsletter to your subscription, and I also believe that you want to win more subscription which may equals to ‘more traffic’ to your website and bring you more profit, and today I would like to share some Tips:

1. Promote your ’subscription box’ everywhere. Your website, blog, embed in your flash Ad, even ask people if they would like to subscribe your Email Newsletter in the post-sale survey.

2. Keep the subscription question Simple! Just Name plus Email Address is good enough for you to spread your information to your subscribers.

3. Provide offer to attract more subscription. “Subscribe now to Win a iPod ” or “Subscribe for Free to download E-Book with values of $199 ” always could help you to win more subscribers.

4. Refer to a friends. Add a ‘Refer to a friend’ button to encourage your readers introduce their friends to subscribe your list by some intensive programs like “Invite your 3 friends to join, your account will be updated to Exclusive Membership”

5. Post your previous Newsletters on your website. You will get more chances for your content be searched by potential subscriber, if they are interesting in it, they will subscribe with no doubt.

6. Deliver valuable content to current subscribers. People talk, they will forward and spread your valuable information to their friends and peers who are also have highly potential to be your subscriber.

Good Luck!

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