Give Yourself Another Chance!

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

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In this week’s MondayMotivator;

  • Everybody makes mistakes: It’s normal for everyone to make errors sometimes. Making mistakes doesn’t mean you’re bad or worthless.
  • Forgive yourself: When you feel bad about something you did, try to forgive yourself. It’s like giving yourself a second chance to do better next time.
  • Keep trying: Instead of giving up, keep learning and trying new things. You’ll have more chances to show how great you are.

Millions of people make errors of judgement every day. To make mistakes is not the problem; to keep making the same mistakes or constantly live with past guilt is where we go wrong.

Guilt or regret never solves anything. 

On the contrary, it creates a new chain of negatives that can prevent you from moving forward or even destroy you.

Many people are hurting. Why? 

Because they think they’ve failed in life or regret some mistake or event in their lives, and they look for something to stop the pain. They don’t realise there isn’t enough alcohol or drugs to cure all the hurts. They need to forget the past and forgive themselves.

Forgiveness is a healing power. Put value on yourself. Whatever it is, that is what the world will pay you, no more.

Learn, resolve and move on. 

Keep looking for opportunities that will give you another chance to prove your actual worth.

There is no such thing as failure, only things that didn’t work out right for you. Failure is when you quit.

Ignore other people’s opinions of you and your past errors of judgement. Just keep on keeping on. Keep looking and trying till you succeed.

Think to yourself: My past is gone. I can’t change it, but I can learn from it. I will give myself another chance through the act of forgiveness and put a value on myself and give myself wholly to what I am doing without looking back or worrying about the future.