From social to digital…

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shutterstock 112844224 300x235 - From social to digital...In a recent article, ‘The Imminent Shift from Social to Digital Engagement’, Brian Solis states the obvious… Customers are on a journey and you need to be relating to them at all touchpoints along that road in a way that means they will either tell their friends a good story, or a bad one.

What is disappointing for me though is that he has jumped on a bandwagon that left the station a long time ago and is rehashing it as something new. That in itself isn’t a bad thing. The fact he has to do it at all is. A lot of marketers have lost their way, and in my opinion, a lot of businesses have marketing teams that are in dire need of adult supervision.
The basics work. Most business owners have just got bored and want to use the latest whizz-bang tool before they have properly researched the implications of using it. Or more basically, where it fits into a marketing plan.
And that is where we hit a massive wall, especially in New Zealand… no one has a marketing plan.
We’re changing that though – working with businesses that believe in email with purpose, that is linking their email marketing to their business strategy – which relies on them having a strategy…