How to Expand your Marketing Mind

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Marketing Mind 300x106 - How to Expand your Marketing Mind

A cool article about the more choices we have, the better decisions we can and will make.

We have all been taught that narrowing our choices is a good thing.

In fact, we automatically seek a choice between campaign 1 or 2, target market X or Y. Narrowing our choices is part of our decision-making process but does this instinct aid us in marketing strategy? That tendency to narrow our choices has an unintended side-effect: It narrows our information, our insights, and ideas. In the end, it narrows the results we can achieve.

The traditional approach to thinking, which narrows our focus, is known as deductive thinking. In deductive thinking, we begin with an assumption, which becomes the basis, truth or foundation of our logic moving forward.

That approach serves to close our minds to new options and opportunities. We end up drilling deeper and deeper into a “rat hole.” Strategies that begin with single assumptions have limited possibilities. It’s not the path to innovation and creativity.

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