The ever changing beast that is social media

Posted by Spike Just plain cool, Social Media, Team

Social media is an always expanding, ever evolving beast that must be watched or it can get away from you. It can be an excellent tool to get the word out to specific and broad sets of people. But, as we all know from watching our Facebook feeds randomly change from time to time… it doesn’t hurt to occasionally sit down and catch up on it.

Recently, Spike team member Doug got to sit in on a two day social media course called The Classroom. Expertly run by Claire O’Connell and Tina Moore, the course covered how to advertise on platforms such Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Claire used her extensive social media knowledge gained from her years with Myspace, Bebo and Facebook to go over the numbers, audience and targeting side of things. Tina called on her years of experience as an editor of various magazines and as an owner of her own media agency to take us through the does and don’ts of creative advertising.

Doug’s brain was steadily filled to the brim with information and we can’t wait to implement some of the things he learned with our clients over the coming weeks. For ideas on how to better integrate your social media with your email campaigns contact either Shane or Glenn and we’ll see what we can do.