Purposeful Email Marketing Done for You

for Coaches who want to focus on sales conversations and not agonising over marketing content

Social Media Isn’t Working?

Sick of banging your head against a wall?

The days of successful coaches bringing in high value clients on a regular basis over social media are over. The algorithms are stopping your reach and your customers are being bombarded with ads from international coaches.

Does This Sound Like You?

You are a Business or Life Coach And…

You Own A Goldmine

You’ve got a stack of contacts in Outlook, business cards or a list that you are not tapping into.

You Want to Grow

You’ve got room in your client base to grow.

No Spare Time

You want to focus your time on working with clients and not on writing content and managing email systems.

If You Said Yes To Those

Then We’ve Got You Covered

Imagine it’s 6 weeks from now.

A prospective client who you met with a few years ago is now waking up to a highly purposeful and helpful email that motivates them, empathises with them and genuinely inspires them.

They’ve been getting an email every Monday morning for weeks in a row. And each time they are getting a little more inspired and are coming to a realisation that they need to change something.

Now imagine that the inspiring emails they’ve been getting were from you.

….and you didn’t have to write them, format them or send them!

Send Emails With Purpose

We set it up, write the emails, manage the list and send it every fortnight – all you have to do is write an introduction – simple!

We use your existing Mailchimp account or set one up for you

We will manage your email list and make sure that its up to date and clean

We will write the emails – well actually, they’re already written for you in a library of over 600 of them

We’ll send the emails for you fortnightly

You can add your own offers, promotions or news

Feedback on Spike

sj - Email with purpose for coaches

“Thank you for the epic work you have done! I’m so happy with the outcome”

ProPartnerBadge - Email with purpose for coaches

“Share testimonials about you, your course, or your content. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your network to get some glowing words about the work you’ve done. Most potential students will look to the opinions of others when making purchase decisions online.”

ProPartnerBadge - Email with purpose for coaches

“Share testimonials about you, your course, or your content. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your network to get some glowing words about the work you’ve done. Most potential students will look to the opinions of others when making purchase decisions online.”

Kia Ora! I’m Glenn

Your Email Marketing Wingman

In 2004 I sold my turntables to start a little company called Spike with the goal of turning around failing newsletters for large retailers.  We did this for some of the biggest brands in Australasia and still work with many well-known New Zealand brands.

In 2019, my wife and I moved ourselves and our two kids out to rural Auckland. In 2021 Mailchimp named me as one of their Top 5 Power Partners and I was asked by Digital Boost to run email marketing courses that 1,000’s of businesses have used to grow their businesses. And in 2022 I’m having a great time running digital for premium motorsport and performance parts brands so I can indulge my love of cars and playing disc golf every Sunday morning.

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We’ve managed and written emails for

1 - Email with purpose for coaches
2 - Email with purpose for coaches
3 - Email with purpose for coaches
4 - Email with purpose for coaches
5 - Email with purpose for coaches
6 - Email with purpose for coaches
SPP Glenn Edley 01455 - Email with purpose for coaches

The Monday Motivators

In August 2004 I started the MondayMotivator to inspire and kickstart people’s thinking, prove you can send weekly emails and stay top of mind with my clients and prospects. I never missed a Monday for over 10 years no matter where I was, what I was doing or if I had an internet connection.

What I learned

What I learned is that by being consistent and sending an email each week people start to trust that you will do what you said you would do. They become loyal and tell people about you to their friends and colleagues at bars and BBQs. This one thing contributed to growth in my business, my network and gave me opportunities to speak and present.

This lead to my mantra: Consistency -> Trust -> Loyalty -> Bars and BBQ’s

Want to Find Out More?

We only take on 6 new clients every month and pricing starts as low as $278 p/m

You’ll Also Get

Features that Coaches Love

Contact Collector

We’ll will set up a highly optimised Contact Sign Up page that you can use as a pop up on your website, add to your email signature, post to social and even use on your phone when meeting new people

Automated Introduction Sequence

When a new contact is added to your list, they’ll be sent an automated sequence of up to 3 emails that we write to introduce you, your services and build trust – without you having to lift a finger

Bonus material

Explain the value your additional content will bring to a student’s overall learning experience. Use this opportunity to sell potential students on the extra benefits your bonus material provides.

The Process

Exactly How This Works

We start with a free planning session where you meet with Glenn and we get a mutual understanding of your coaching business, your style and your goals

After you sign up, we’ll connect to your Mailchimp and set everything up (or we’ll start from scratch for you)

Typically, the setup period takes 10 business days and then we send you the first email to review and sign off

Send emails with purpose. We’ll also use your previous social content and re-purpose it for your emails

When everyone is happy, the emails will be scheduled and will send automatically on a day of your choosing – you’ll also receive a copy

Every month we’ll send you a report showing your open rates, read rates and other useful statistics

Every 6 weeks – we will reach out to you to review your next batch of messages – this is usually less than an hour of effort on your part

If you ever need to add an extra message to your audience – you can either DIY it in Mailchimp or email to our team to do for you

With us managing your emails, you can focus


No problem. We can set one up for you or transfer your current email marketing platform to Mailchimp.

To make it easier and more secure, we can connect to your account without taking up a user seat or sharing login information. Read more here.

We have a process to re-engage with your current list and have them want to hear from you again.

We will be happy to quote on any extra work you need to be done.

There is a maximum number of 30 emails you can send a year and we will work with you on the amount that works for you.

Simply give us 30 days notice and cancel your subscription in Stripe.

Definitely. We take data security seriously and with Manager access, we are unable to export your contacts.

GlennSpikeSnips - Email with purpose for coaches

As seen on Mailchimp and Digital Boost

Glenn Edley is an internationally respected email marketing coach and has appeared on behalf of Mailchimp and more recently in New Zealand, Digital Boost.

Capture More Leads

Create a Lead Magnet Page

If you want to build your email list, we can help you create a high performance ‘lead magnet’ . Our creative team will work with you to help you create a download PDF, spreadsheet or even a webinar event that your target customers can’t help but want.

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