Email personalisation a must in 2015

Posted by Spike Email Marketing, Opinions and commentary

The standout line for me in this article is – “Marketers concerned with inbox overload need to understand that when it comes to the average person’s inbox, it’s just a myth.”

“Dela Quist contends that email’s potential to impact brand awareness and favorability is getting short shift — but says that will change in 2015.”

It’s true. Having used Sanebox for several months now the numbers are in on my emails and it’s not the “millions of emails” people tend to talk about. That, and the “deluge of spam” are just not happening these days. If it is for you, you need to move to a better email provider.

However, this article is about personalisation. Spike is doing this somewhat simply for some clients and a lot more in-depth for others.

Personalisation starts simply with a name and goes all the way to recommending what someone could buy next. Recommendation Engines are having a huge amount of money spent on them as e-commerce companies work out what you want to buy.

They fail abjectly most of the time when they fail to understand one-off purchases a la Amazon’s follow up emails after a purchase. They will get better though as AI makes a bigger impact and helps make better decisions.

If you haven’t started personalising your database yet or you don’t know where to start. Ask us – [email protected].