Email & Landing Pages Need To Respond

Posted by Spike Email around the web

mobilizemail - Email & Landing Pages Need To RespondWe are seeing a lot of articles about the importance of responsive email and website design from around the world, but sometimes these articles are not quite as applicable here in New Zealand.

The guys from Mobilize Mail have had a look at some New Zealand statistics regarding cellphone usage for email and web and they’ve come to the same conclusion: you need to go responsive! We’re a pretty forward-thinking country after all.

“According to our statistics New Zealanders are using their mobiles for email communication more often than they did last year. Mobile users are also clicking more links in email marketing messages that are responsive therefore we recommend a move to responsive design for linking webpages and also marketing emails.

Responsive design in emails presents images and content more fluidly. Images are scaled to fit the screen size and the content is readable with less characters per row. Recipients do not need to strain their eyes to read email marketing messages and responsive design encourages the clicking of links and images.

Our research also suggests responsive design emails when viewed on mobiles receive a higher click through rate (more clicks).”

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