Is email broken?

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Dylan Tweney sums up the reasons email is broken. And in my opinion makes the case to start now and #sendbetteremail.

Email is the bane of many peoples lives mostly because they use it as a to-do list. It’s not.

Or because they signed up to multiple retailers and haven’t got around to unsubscribing. Do that now. Check your inbox and unsubscribe from those emails that have been sitting there and will never get opened. Sign up for them again later when you’re interested or have the time.

Email gives you an awesome opportunity to curate what you see, listen or learn. It’s direct. It’s multi-threading — you can see how a conversation progressed. It’s legal — you can use to get things signed off. I love email. One reason is it gives you the opportunity to edit yourself and to pause before sending.

Sort your inbox today and just hope email doesn’t disappear. Because if we don’t, it could be gone, and we will miss it.