Why I dislike Mailchimp

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Every time I sign up for a newsletter and I’m whisked off to another generic Mailchimp form I die a little inside.

I’ve read that Mailchimp is making email better. NO! It’s not.

It’s commoditised it.

It’s made people think they can do it themselves. They can. … Sometimes really badly.

Like not personalising the signup form and having it link to a thank you page on your website. Is it because your lazy arse web designer, who could care less about the experience someone has when they sign up and gives you most valuable possession – their email address – so you can communicate with them, can’t be bothered?

As a tool Mailchimp can be useful. It’s got bells and whistles for Africa. But it’s got a lot of limitations too. The main one I hear about is based on delivery because they send all their email through a set of IP addresses they have to look after. One way they do that is by shutting your account down and making you jump through hoops to get it back up and running again.

So, I hate Mailchimp. They’ve turned an art into monkey business and it’s taken years for people to realise that their database, that they own, has been treated very badly and needs some love.

PEACE! *drops microphone and walks off stage*