Crossing the Line

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The following is a sample of Inspiration Road, a weekly newsletter, by Charles Donoghue. Charles is a performance psychology coach and behavioural consultant, and Inspiration Road provides inspiring stories, advice and commentary. Head to Charles’ website for more information.

“To cope with life and all its challenges, you have to accept the fact that change is inevitable as life doesn’t stand still. Nature is proof of that. Time is moving on, planets change. According to a group of scientists written up in The Bulletin of the American Astronomical Society, studies of solar measurement records conclusively show that the sun is shrinking. Its diameter was decreasing at a rate of almost six feet per hour. Which means there are potentially astounding implications.

Clouds change, plants grow and die, all human life dies. Once you can accept all this, it is time to adapt to the changes in the world without losing your own individual identity and spiritual being. You can maintain that identity by taking control over your own mind. There are some things in life over which you have a certain amount of control such as relationships, decision-making, and the directions you choose to go in but you have no control over the weather, traffic lights, tides, or earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, insane drivers, wars and even inflation.

Too many individuals carry their past experiences into the present and without being fully aware of the fact that they are actually living IN the past. In order to cope with the future and its changes and challenges, you must understand the concept of what I call the ‘LINE.’ The line represents the present as we move through time. On one side of the line we have the past moments of your living where you did and said things that you wished you hadn’t said and done. There are also the good and positive things that you have experienced, however, it makes no difference whether they were good or bad, they happened through the choices you made, good or bad. In other words you are where you are today because of choices.

You have some control over many situations, through adaptation. Electronic technology is a big constant part of this. There is a choice to adapt to this power or ignore its advance and suffer the consequences, as many businesses and individuals are beginning to realise.

One of the greatest tools at your disposal is mind power. In the past, business strategic planning was predicated on management skills and knowledge. Sales growth was driven by “motivation” and “sales” principles or techniques. Today you have to think differently in order to adapt to the great metamorphosis taking place in the hi-tech world. No longer can businesses rely on old strategies.

The human brain is incredibly adaptive to change. Research by neuroscientists over the past decade or so, has proven that your brain cell connections do not ever reach, by some late age, a fixed pattern that thereafter cannot change. Rather, the ongoing process of brain cell connection reformation and death of the cell, is what gives the brain its plasticity – its ability to learn and remember, to adapt to its environment and all the challenges brought with it, to acquire new knowledge and learn from fresh experiences – throughout an individual’s lifetime. This has to be exciting for anyone whose brain is operating above room temperature.

Change is an integral part of today’s climate. Those people who make a choice to embrace change will forge ahead of their competitors, while those who remain static in their thinking and fear change, will recede and remain in ignorance. Many companies and individuals will be content to survive by playing it safe because of some fear. However, their underlying concern may be their fear about how the change will affect them, their job, and their lives.

It’s time to cross the line and create a profitable future!

Charles Donoghue”