Creating habits to get what you want

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

I’m not setting goals. I’m developing habits that will get me what I want instead. It’s a big change.

Habits. We all have them and they are what we rely on to get through every day. Our brain loves habits. They mean the body can run on autopilot and use its energy for other things. Like thinking.

Habits are our way of training our brain and they can either help us or hinder us. The thing about habits is it appears that once you get to a certain age you need to replace existing habits that don’t work with another one. Any void left from a habit you’re trying to give up is going to be filled whether you like it or not.

But, you have the choice. You can decide what habit you want to fill the void.

This is powerful. This is how you create the world you want to live in with the people you want to live with.

Problem. It’s hard.

The brain continuously wants to default to the existing habit and it’s so easy to slip back into your “usual ways”. Slippage, the word Justin Trudeau used over and over again recently, is real when it comes to you and your habits. And, the comfort your brain gets from running on auto pilot.

So, instead of setting a goal and working backwards from it to get to the actions you need to take today to get that goal. Think about the habits you need to have in place to get to that goal.

What is the habit that will pay off your mortgage?
What is the habit that will get you more customers?
What is the habit that will get you healthy?

Write what you want and then write the habits you need to have in place to get it. Then do them. Over and over again until you have rewired your brain and there will never be any slippage.

Set challenges to help you set the habit. I’m doing 100 squats every day for 100 days. I’m at Day 50 today but I missed a day after Day 4 and had to start again. Challenges work.

Make them simple. You need to be prepared that it will take longer than you think so make the first habit an easy one. Like brushing your teeth twice a day. Make it that easy and you will succeed.

I hope you’ll join me in setting habits instead of goals and crushing life. You deserve it.