Mar 27

Day 1 thoughts from the road

Posted by Spike Glenn Edley, Video
Day One Lockdown thoughts when I was out exercising. Find somewhere to move every day Stay positive Feel a sense of accomplishment when you've moved Carry that feeling with you when you start to feel down
Mar 25

SpikeHQ’s new digs!

Posted by Spike Glenn Edley, Video
Due to the lockdown we've had to close the office and move ourselves out to rural New Zealand. I'm pretty happy with the way the office has turned out. So, welcome to our new HQ for the foreseeable future and...

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Feb 26

Treat your VIP’s better!

Posted by Spike Video
Businesses need to treat their VIP's better. For example, if you're having a big sale you let your most loyal customers in early. It does make a difference and it has this glow that can last for another three to...

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