Beware the Dream Stealers

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

jasper boer KS70QiSOecM unsplash scaled - Beware the Dream Stealers

Why do so many people let their dreams die un-lived?

In my opinion, the biggest reason is the negative cynical attitude of other people. Often these people are the closest to us. Well-meaning friends, colleagues and even family members.

It’s interesting to note that this dream stealing never comes from above. That is successful people. It is almost always from beside or below.

Our enemies never bother us greatly; we can usually handle them with little trouble. But our friends – if they are nay-sayers, constantly punch holes in our dreams, a cynical smile here, a put down there, a constant stream of negative vibrations – our friends can kill us.

A person gets excited about the possibility of a new job or a new idea, an exciting opportunity or feels optimistic about the future. They see the opportunity to make more money or rise to a personal challenge. Their heart starts pounding and the juices begin to flow and they feel themselves revving up for this exciting new prospect.

But then they tell their neighbour about it over the back fence. They get a smirk, a laugh that says, “You can’t do that”, and fifty reasons why you will never make it and that it’s better off to stay where you are.

Before they know it, their enthusiasm falls down to zero. They go back into the house with their tail dragging the ground and all the fire and self-confidence are gone. Then they start thinking of all the reasons why they can’t make it, instead of the reasons why they can.

They let a five-minute spell of negativism from a dream-nothing, do nothing-neighbour, friend or acquaintance, take the steam right out of their engine. Friends like that can do more damage than a dozen enemies. The easiest thing to find on earth is someone to tell you everything you cannot do. Don’t listen to them.

If you have a dream, dare to believe it and, give it a chance to happen. Don’t let anyone rob you of that faith in yourself that makes things happen. Don’t let the couch potato who watches TV every night tell you how futile life is.

If you have that flame of a dream deep down inside you somewhere, thank God and do something. Use the transformative power of surrounding yourself with the best, most accomplished people, inspiring you to overcome life’s obstacles and achieve your dreams.

Remember, dream makers, are decision makers. They feel deeply about things. They trust the knowledge and judgment of others. They also trust their own intuition. They sense the benefits and the consequences of their actions. They make decisions with their hearts as well as their minds. And when their logic and their feelings are at odds, they go with their heart.

So, never let anyone else blow that flame out. Believe you can, and you will find you can.