Appreciate What You Have

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

202320814 - Appreciate What You Have

In this weeks, MondayMotivator,

  • Reflect on appreciating valuable aspects of life: Don’t always be about work or competition.
  • Practice gratitude for abundance: Recognise assets like relationships, health, home, nature, and more.
  • Shift perspective: Embrace awareness of what you possess, cultivate gratitude for life’s richness, and you will unlock inner riches.

How often do we go through our life concentrating on what are arguably the less important things yet seldom appreciate what we have that has real value? For example, people and things that bring us great joy, appreciation and comfort?

No matter where you are, you have much to be thankful for. You can read for a start, probably on a phone, tablet or laptop. Appreciate the abundance you already have, and stop taking things for granted.

Do this exercise regularly. Take stock of your assets, your spouse, your children, a home, a friend who cares about you, your eyesight, hearing, speech, the food you eat daily, and the land you live in. Running water, the sun without which life ceases. Regard the flowers that give us colour and perfume, or the rain, which gives life to the soil. Once you start, the list is endless.

Ask other people what they see as contributing to the good things in their lives, and you have started another list. And so it goes on and on. Only by taking stock of what you have in abundance will you realise how rich you are.

Develop the habit of being aware of what you have rather than what you don’t have. Show gratitude for the richness of life around you but realise you can always want more. More from yourself and life. It’s possible to have both things in mind.

I write three things I am grateful for each night before I go to sleep. Using the Notes app on my phone, it takes a minute and helps me remember even the little things I am grateful for.

This week, when I open my eyes and look around me at all that I have instead of what I have not, I will realise how fortunate I am. And if you want to improve yourself, think, I will let gratitude unlock riches within me in the future.