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Some time ago now, I received an excellent email from a MondayMotivator reader Wendy from Taupo on procrastination. I thought it was appropriate to share it again today because people appear to be putting things off. Some of which could propel themselves and their businesses forward through this mess.

**message starts**

Hi Glenn.

I thoroughly enjoy reading your Monday Motivator – a great start to my working week! This morning seemed a great time to make a decision to reply to your email – having read about procrastination.

I love my job and I believe it is because I have a passion for what I do. I make sure that I am ready for my working day beforeI leave home.  This way I feel prepared for my busy workload before I have even seen it. I can then ‘attack’ the challenges with the knowledge that I am going to succeed and achieve my goals for the team I work with – a motivational group of individuals who also have strong goals.

I pride myself on never leaving anything for ‘a rainy day’ – a small 5 minute job can very easily land up taking you an hour later on (and usually at a time when you can do without the extra stress of trying to fit it into your already busy schedule). I organize my desk each working day and formulate a daily plan by setting clear achievable goals and prioritising tasks.

Glenn, I was never this organized when I first starting working, but over the years I have come to realise the importance of setting goals and keeping to a plan. We all have our individual ways of working towards achieving goals. I guess it comes down to the time frame with which you want to achieve them. This relates to not just our working goals but personal goals as well.

I firmly believe that each morning we wake up, before we get up, we should think of the two following statements (which I have done for the past 20 years).

  1. “Give yourself a check-up from the neck-up” – (Do you have your goals for the day in mind and are you motivated enough to succeed in achieving them? A positive attitude is the first step in believing in yourself that you can achieve what you set your mind to)
  2. “When your feet touch the ground, you should be running” – (Let’s not wait until our morning teatime coffee to ‘wake-up’ and start our busy day – the more we achieve early, the better we are placed for unexpected delays, problems or interruptions)

Thanks again for your inspirational Monday Motivator.

Many thanks

Wendy Mac

**message ends**

I hope you got as much out of Wendy’s contribution as I did.

Have a successful week.