A Roadmap to Achieving Your Goals

Posted by Spike MondayMotivator

IMG 4885 - A Roadmap to Achieving Your Goals

In this weeks MondayMotivator,

  • Starting is the first step toward realising your goals and dreams.
  • Break down projects into manageable steps to maintain motivation and make progress.
  • Take specific actions to initiate and work towards your vision for the future.

How often have you wanted to get started on some project or get some task out of the way? The problem was you didn’t know where to start or even where to begin, or perhaps the undertaking just overwhelmed you.

When the carpenter selects the timber, he starts creating a piece of furniture. When you begin anything, you have already started its realisation.

The next step is to break the project into manageable sizes that expend only small amounts of energy. This helps the motivation, and you feel you are getting somewhere.

Until Edmund Hillary climbed it, no one ever climbed Mt Everest on their first attempt. In fact, against heavy odds, English mountaineer Tom Whittaker, who lost a leg in an accident, made two attempts at Mount Everest before finally conquering it in 1998. An amazing achievement!

After you begin, effort and skill are required to complete it. But you will never realise your goal or dream until you make a start.

What would you like to see happen in your life? What vision do you have for your future?

Begin it now. Start small with steps in its direction and see it through to its conclusion.

This week, think: To do this thing, I have undertaken specific projects and work, so I have made a start. To make things happen, I will break down the size of the operation into small, manageable proportions, thus keeping my motivation high. My work will become more manageable, and I will be achieving results.