Senior marketers and executives need to wise up to email or move on

Posted by Spike Opinions and commentary

national-client-email-reportThe Direct Marketing Association’s new research report has highlighted what we “cringingly” come up against time and again… It’s summed up in this quote from their press release:

“However, in spite of email’s strong commercial performance, respondents expressed concern that the channel’s contribution to their businesses’ bottom lines is failing to earn the recognition it deserves among senior colleagues.”

I have stated before that executives and senior marketers either need to get with the times or move out of the way. In my opinion executives are not retiring / dying early enough now and are keeping the status quo as it feeds their egos. The statement, “It’s working” just doesn’t cut it anymore.
Move along senior citizens and start giving customers the experience they want. Because if you don’t someone else is going to come along and cut your lunch for you.
Remember: email marketing is a client engagement project, not an IT project – so seize it and do it right.
If you’d like to read the full article and access the DMA’s report, click here.