5 Reasons People Aren’t Opening Your Emails

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ipad 300x208 - 5 Reasons People Aren’t Opening Your Emails
Based on a presentation by Justine Jordan from Litmus, Alex Wall wrote a list of things you might be able to improve upon in your email campaigns.

  1. Your preheader is negative or un-enticing. The preheader is the first 35 characters and displays in most email browsers, programs, and mobile email displays. Usually, it gets cluttered with boring clutter like “You are receiving this message because you subscribed…” — use this space to hook your reader and get them to open your message.
  2. You’re not split-testing your emails for maximum open rates. Split testing can be simple, or complicated, and there is a wide swath of simple programs that will allow you to test things as varied as subject line, segmentation, content layout, and even time of day.

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