The 5 Most Common Design Mistakes

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I recently read a really interesting take on design by Facebook’s Design Director Julie Zhoo (I put Julie’s title in so you know she’s pretty good).

This line stood out for: “It’s simply not true in this day and age that if you build it, they will come.”

Julie’s correct, it’s just not true. The “container” (Julie’s word) we work in is email. Inside that container we have to work on engagement (people like reading the emails) and response (they take the action we want them too to get the result our clients need).

What happens next is really important because once email has got them there the lack of congruence can have a jarring effect and you will see a spike in your bounce rate.

Designers have to think about how people get to website or app or landing page and build it so that once they’ve been they will want to keep coming back.

If this has peaked your interest you can read the whole article HERE