30 - Day Small Business Sales Accelerator

Get sales faster using video in your emails

In a nutshell

This is an on-Zoom four-week training program that will turn clueless newbies into confident video marketers. You’ll learn how to create your own video scripts, get them edited by pros and end up with you executing your own email marketing, uploaded and ready to start in your own email platform.

Hey! Business Owner!

Does This Sound Like You?

You really, REALLY, want to succeed in growing your business but every time that you try to do the marketing stuff, you come across the following barriers;

I don’t know what I don’t know
When you don’t know what you don’t know you have a tendency to either do things in a half-hearted way – or not at all.

In a survey that was conducted in 2020 to over 2000 small business owners – a lack of knowledge was deemed the #1 barrier to doing any marketing.

Guys! we’re not made of money!
Cash is king, every cent counts and you want to make sure that when you invest money that there is certainty on getting something in return.

But if you don’t know what you don’t know – then investing money in marketing can feel like rolling dice on a craps table

Ain’t nobody got time for that!
Marketing is often the thing that gets done last and when you don’t thoroughly understand it, you have a tendency to put it to the bottom of the list.

So you drop in an occasional social post. You read an article, you make some plans to do something. You ruminate, you procrastinate and then you get busy with something else.

The net result of this is that marketing does not get done – but together we can change that.

Your trainers

glenn - 30 Day Sales Accelerator

Glenn Edley

Glenn Edley is the Founder and Strategy Guy at Spike. Spike design, build, test, send and optimise emails for many of New Zealand’s leading brands as well as a whole host of small to medium businesses.

He is also the author of the MondayMotivator, a weekly inspirational email to kickstart your thinking and power you through the week. Glenn believes in being consistent so much he didn’t miss a week for over 10 years. These days the MondayMotivator is delivered to thousands of avid readers every Monday except for public holidays.

Glenn has always been passionate about helping businesses’ send #emailwithpurpose. He believes having consistent and clear communication with your clients and customers is the best way to stay top of mind, sell stuff and keep your customers. He also believes you are an experiment of one and you should always be testing your beliefs and habits to see if they are working for you.

John Maybury

John Maybury Jr is a third generation NZ radio broadcaster who followed his father and grandfathers’ footsteps into radio and show business that dates to Christchurch in 1939.

So, his knowledge of what it takes to stand out comes from good pedigree.

John spent most of his early life training in voice and stagecraft, before working in radio through his 20’s for stations like Newstalk ZB, Hauraki and The Breeze. He worked as an actor, MC and TV Presenter through this time as well honing his communication skills.

He then moved to Australia and worked in marketing and advertising agencies helping big brands tell stories through brand experiences.

Now he combines his marketing and presentation skills to help ambitious business leaders and owners, use talking head video to build credibility and authority, on social media and email marketing.

To get your prospects to know you, to like you and to trust you.

So, they buy from you.

As a video presentation coach, he helps his clients find their superpower, then what to say, how to say it, how to produce on your mobile phone and how to distribute it.

john - 30 Day Sales Accelerator

What you’ll learn

Included in the 30-Day Small business Sales Accelerator:

✔️ Strategic Email Planning session.
✔️ Strategic Video Creation Session
✔️ Scriptwriting session.
✔️ Video script rehearsals, and coaching and feedback
✔️ Instructional session in how to film from your phone
✔️ instructional session on how to present yourself with confidence
✔️ Your videos will be professionally edited, overlaid and captioned.
✔️ Your videos will be optimised for use in Email
✔️ Instructional workshop in how to write your email copy
✔️ Instructional workshop on how to upload your video to youtube
✔️ Instructional workshop on how to create an animated Gif
✔️ Instructional workshop on how to add your video to your email campaigns
✔️ Bring it together in your email platform workshop


Bonus:  Our team will upload our professional mailchimp template to your platform.
Instructional training session worth $480.

Your investment

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Full price $997 + gst.

When: 18th January 2022.

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Our promise to you...

Your Video and Email Marketing Campaign, setup and ready to run.